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Corona Virus Outbreak Vaccine
“This virus has only been kind of known to scientists for a month. So, you know there's a lot that we have to learn about this virus. It certainly seems to be spreading faster than we saw with SARS and with MERS.

We aren't really clear about where this virus came from. And we're not really clear about how it spread. As a scientist, that's probably the most concerning element about this current outbreak. So, our technology, DNA medicine, does something different. Instead of using a protein or the whole virus, we use just a small piece of the genetic sequence of the virus. We received the viral sequences from the Chinese government. We downloaded the sequences, and within three hours we had a vaccine designed. And the genetic sequence of a virus basically the Blueprint of everything that makes up that virus. So, we use a computer algorithm to scan that sequence to try and find tiny motifs in the DNA sequence in the genetic material of the virus that we think that the body would be able to mount a really strong immune response against. So, we identify those motifs, we insert it into another piece of DNA called a plasmid, which is really just a carrier piece of DNA.

We make lots and lots of copies of that DNA inside bacteria, which happened to be really excellent tiny little factories for making DNA. Then we purify that DNA medicine and then we add it to the human body to completely healthy normal cells and that piece of DNA acts like a map or a picture for the human body, To say, Oh I really need to recognize this part of the virus and is able to then go and find the virus, attack it, And hopefully kill it.

So, there's nothing on the market yet for DNA medicines, but we are the farthest along with this technology. Because our lead products are in Phase-3 testing. So that's the final stage before it goes to for full approval and marketing. And we're hoping to have it ready for human clinical trials in early summer.

Well, I've heard a lot of in the media is, Oh it's not as dangerous as flu. And I can really understand why people feel that way, but I would kind of preface by saying, Firstly I think we should take all virus outbreaks really seriously. And treat them all differently because they all are very distinct. And I would argue that flu is of course very serious and many people die of it every year, but we have a vaccine for flu and we have treatments for flu. And also, our clinicians know what to do when somebody comes into hospital or a doctor's office with flu. For the novel coronavirus, we have none of those things. And so, I do think that it may minimize the potential impact of the virus by comparing those two things” – Kate Broderick, Senior Vice President R&D, INOVIO

So, What Is Coronavirus?

A Small Info About Corona Virus

A coronavirus is a type of virus that can infect the Respiratory tract meaning the Nose, Mouth, Throat Sinuses or Lungs. There are many sorts of Coronaviruses and most cause only Mild illness, such as the Common cold. But some coronaviruses can cause some severe illness.
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The most likely way people can become infected is by Droplets that contain the virus. These droplets carry the virus into the air and may enter through the Nose, Mouth, Throat and Lungs of an individual or a person who is within 6 feet or 2 meters.

The virus infects the lungs, causing the lungs to become inflamed or swollen. The Alveolar sacs have to be healthy for the body to breathe in Oxygen (O2) and breathe out Carbon dioxide (CO2). Infection of the virus causes damage to the cells of the lungs and activates an inflammatory reaction. Fever may develop. With severe inflammation, inflammatory fluid fills the lungs. This reduces the function of the Alveoli resulting in coughing and difficulty in breathing. The oxygen level in the blood may decrease. In some people who become severely ill, other organs may be affected such as the Kidneys or the Heart.

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