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On June 28th Of 2019, France Experienced Its Hottest Day Ever When Temperatures Reached 45.9° Celsius. That's Over 114° Fahrenheit!
The Highest Temperature Ever Recorded On Earth - Libyan Desert (136°F Or 58°C).
But Some People Weren't Feeling The Heat Quite As Much As Everyone Else.
Why Some People Feel Cold More Often Than Others Do?
Some People Always Seem To Feel Too Cold, No Matter How Hot Everyone Else Around Them Claims To Be! So, What Gives? Let's Look At Some Of The Scientific Explanations For The Endless Chill These People Feel!

Why Some People Feel Too Cold Than Others?

First And Foremost, We Have To Understand How Human Body Temperature Works. Mammals And Birds Are Warm-Blooded. This Means That Our Bodies Are Capable Of Regulating Their Own Temperatures And Because Humans Are Mammals, We Have This Nifty Ability. On The Other Hand, Cold-Blooded Animals, Like Snakes, Lizards, And Well…Anything That Isn't A Mammal Or A Bird, Can't Regulate Their Own Body Temperatures And Have To Rely On Their Surroundings For Temperature Regulation. Now, Just How Do Our Bodies Set To Go About Regulating Temperature?

Vasodilation And Vasoconstriction

As It Turns Out, A Lot Of Mechanisms Are Involved In This Process And Your Brain’s Hypothalamus Is In-Charge Of It All. The Hypothalamus Acts As A Thermostat For Your Body. For Humans, The Average Temperature Our “Thermostats” Are Set To Be 98.6° Degrees Fahrenheit. But, As You Might Expect, Regulating Your Body's Temperature Is A Bit More Complicated Than Just Setting A Number And Letting The Thermostat Do All Of The Work. The Hypothalamus Has To Talk To And Work With Several Different Parts Of Your Body In Order To Know What Adjustments Need To Be Made. If Any Of Those Systems Mess Up At All, Your Body's Temperature Can Drift Away From That 98.6° F Average. For Example, Our Skin Plays An Important Role In Telling Our Brain That What Adjustments Need To Be Made. After All, Your Skin Is What Comes Into Contact With The Outside World. If It's Hotter Outside, Your Skin Undergoes A Process Called Vasodilation, Which Leads To Sweating, Allowing The Evaporating Water To Cool You Down. And, If You're Too Cold, Your Skin Will Undergo Vasoconstriction, Which Is What's Responsible For Those Goosebumps You Get When You're Feeling Chilly.

Some People Have A Condition Called Autonomic Dysreflexia, During Which Their Nervous System Over-Reacts To Stimuli. Their Bodies Will Sometimes Unnecessarily Undergo Vasodilation And Begin To Sweat Profusely, Or Go In The Opposite Direction And Get A Case Of The Chills Accompanied By The Telltale Goosebumps!

There Are Other Reasons Someone's Body Temperature Could Be Out Of Sync With Everyone Else's. Generally Speaking, Women Have Experience Feeling Cold More Often Than Men Do. In Fact, One Study Found That The Hands Of Women Were, On Average, 3° Cooler Than Men's Hands. The Hypothesized Reason For This Is That Men's Bodies Tend To Have A Higher Density Of Muscle, While Women's Bodies Tend To Have A Higher Density Of Fat. Muscles Generate Heat During Work, While Fat Cells Store Heat. This Is Actually Why You Begin To Shiver When You Get Cold! Shivering Is Simply The Rapid Movement Of Muscles Done In An Attempt To Generate Some Much-Needed Warmth!

The Flow Of Warm Blood Is The Primary Means By Which Our Bodies Regulate Temperature. It Is, After All, Where The Term “Warm-Blooded” Came From! So, It Shouldn't Be A Surprise That Anything Which Can Influence Your Blood Flow Will Directly Impact Your Perceived Temperature! For Example, It's Known That Having A High Cholesterol Can Reduce Blood Flow. When This Happens, It Becomes Hard For Warm-Blood To Reaches Your Hand And Feet, Which Is Why Many People With High Cholesterol Complain About Having Cold Fingers And Toes.
The Coldest Temperature Ever Measured - Vostok Station In Antarctica (-126°F Or -88°C).
As We Become Older, Our Natural Systems Start To Lose Their Efficiency And Temperature Regulation Is No Exception. Low Blood Pressure, Low Muscle Density And A Lower Metabolism Can All Lead To Worsened Control Over Your Body's Temperature. All Of These Things Contribute To The Chilly Feeling Many Elderly People Experience. It's Very Important To Listen To Your Body. If You Notice That You Feel Cooler Than Usual For No Obvious Reason, You May Be Sick And Have A Fever. Feeling Increasingly Sensitive To The Cold Is Also A Symptom Of Some Serious Medical Problems Like Diabetes.

Feeling Perpetually Cold May Appear Like A Convenience During An Enormous Heatwave, But Don't Be Fooled! Our Bodies Work Best At A Certain Temperature And It's Important To Make Sure That Our Systems Are Working Properly! If Your Thermostat Broke, You'd Surely Call Someone To Come And Fix It.

So, If You Find Yourself Feeling Chilly, Talk To A Doctor And Make Sure Your Internal Thermostat Is Okay. Oh, And Be Sure To Tell Your Friend Who Is Always Cold To Do The Same.

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