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Overbrushing Effects

When It Comes To Brushing Teeth, You May Think That The Harder You Scrub, The Whiter Your Teeth Will Be. But Brushing Too Hard Can Actually, Do More Damage Than Good.

So, What Happens When You Brush Too Aggressively? And If Brushing Is A Good Thing, Then How Can Over Brushing Be A Problem?

Brushing Too Aggressively Can Wear Down The Enamel Which Is The Hard, Protective Covering Of Your Teeth. Once The Enamel Is Worn Away, It Doesn't Regenerate Naturally. What's More, It Can't Be Regrown Artificially Either!

In The Absence Of Enamel, The Soft Inner Tooth Layer Called Dentin, Gets Exposed, Which Makes Your Teeth More Vulnerable To Decay From Bacteria, Plaques And Acids. Brushing Too Aggressively And For Too Long Can Expose The Nerve Endings In The Porous Dentine, Making Your Teeth Become Highly Sensitive. This Will Make Eating And Drinking Anything Cold Or Hot That Really Painful. You May Be Hoping For Pearly Whites, But When You Brush Your Teeth Too Hard, Your Smile May Look Discolored. The Dentin Layer Of Your Tooth Is Naturally Off-White In Color, So Once This Layer Is Exposed, Your Teeth Will Look Less White. Also, Once Your Gums Start To Recede, The Edges Of Your Teeth Can Begin To Look Uneven.

We Brush Our Teeth To Remove Plaque. This Is The White Or Cream-Coloured Sticky Material Made-Up Of Bacteria, Residues From Saliva And Bits Of Food. When Plaque Is Left For Too Long, It Develops Into A Harder Substance Known As Tartar. While You Can Remove Plaque With Proper Tooth Brushing, You Can't Remove Tartar With A Toothbrush, No Matter How Hard You Brush Your Teeth. Instead, Your Dentist Needs To Do It With A Special Tool Called A ‘Scaler’.

When You Brush Your Teeth Too Forcefully, You Can Damage The Gum Tissue. The Toothbrush May Irritate And Damage The Gumline, Resulting In Gum Recession. This Loss Of Gum Tissue Exposes More Of The Root Structure Of The Teeth, Leading To An Increased Risk Of Tooth Decay Below The Gumline.

Once Tooth Decay Starts, You Are At Greater Risk Of Root Canal Infections. Root Canal Infections Develop When Decay Penetrates To The Inner Structures Of Your Teeth, Allowing Bacteria's To Reach The Nerves, Blood Vessels And Pulp Tissues. Root Canal Infections Are So Serious And Painful Because They Affect The Nerves Which Responsible For Dental Sensation And The Blood Vessels Which Responsible For Nourishing The Teeth. If Tooth Decay And Root Canal Infections Are Not Treated In Time, They Can Ultimately Lead To Tooth Loss. And All Of This Could Be Thanks To Your Aggressive Brushing.

Brush Like This

Instead Of Aggressive Brushing, You Should Practice Proper Brushing Techniques. Hold The Toothbrush At A 45-Degree Angle To The Gum Line And Brush Using Short Strokes In A Circular Motion. You Should Hold Your Toothbrush With Just Enough Pressure To Feel The Bristles Against The Gums, But Not Enough To Push The Bristles Back. Always Use A Soft-Bristled Toothbrush To Avoid Damaging The Tooth Enamel.

So, Remember, Over Brushing Your Teeth Won't Give You The End Result You Want. When You Use The Appropriate Tools And Implement A Gentle But Thorough Brushing Technique, You Will Win The Race For Clean Teeth And A Healthy Mouth Every Time.

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