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Best News Of 2019 So Far Related To Science And Technology. Science And Technology Lovers Must Read. So, Let’s Get Started –

1 - One-Third Of The Worlds Power Generation Is Now Based On Renewable Energy.
2 - The World Is Greener Than It Was 20 Years Ago According To Nasa Researchers.
3 - Solar Energy Was Used To Convert Seawater Into Fresh Water.
4 - A New Species Of Ancient Human Was Discovered In The Philippines.
5 - A New Kind Of Blood Vessel In Our Bones Could Help Treat Arthritis.
6 - Hawaiian Coral Reefs Are Finally Recovering From Mass Bleaching.
7 - Seven Volunteers Were Cured Of Malaria Using An Experimental Drug.
8 - 100 Whales Will Be Freed From Russian Captivity.
9 - Scientists Revealed The First-Ever Closeup Photo Of A Black Hole.
10 - Wolves Return To The Netherlands For The First Time In 140 Years.
11 - Researchers Corrected Color Blindness In Monkeys Using Gene Therapy.
12 - New Reports Show Germany’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions Fell 4.2% In 2018.
13 - New Treatment For Osteoporosis Enhances Bone Mass By 800%.
14 - Corals Can Now Withstand Higher Temperatures Before Bleaching Than They Could A Decade Ago.
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15 - Over 1 Million Gardeners Create A Global Network Of Greenery That Nourishes Bees And Butterflies.
16 - Scientists Develop New Clothes That Change Color When Harmful Gases Are In The Air.
17 - Toyota Grants Royalty-Free Licenses To 24,000 Patents For Their Electric Vehicle Technology.
18 - Global Suicide Rate Has Declined By 29%, Preventing Deaths Of Millions Of People Since 2000.
19 - Newly Developed Houseplant Cleanses Your Home Of The Worst Chemical In The Air.
20 - Researchers Have Developed A New Drug Formula That Regenerates Brain Cells.
21 - New Method Allows The Body To Replenish Its Insulin-Producing Cells In Diabetic Patients.
22 - Researchers Created "Universal" Stem Cells That Can Be Transplanted Into Any Patient Without Generating An Immune Response.
23 - Several Countries Unite To Create A "Great Green Wall" Aimed To Stop Poverty.
24 - Thai Supermarket Begins Replacing Plastic Packaging With Banana Leaves.
25 - HIV-Positive Woman Donates Kidney To A Fellow HIV-Positive Patient For The First Time.
26 - For The First Time, A Woman Has Been Awarded The Biggest Prize In Mathematics In The World.
27 - Maryland Is Set To Become The First State To Ban Polystyrene Food Containers.
28 - Researcher Are Developing Cannabis Inhalers To Relieve Pain In Cancer Patients Who Can't Smoke.
29 - The FDA Approves A Nasal Spray Knows As Esketamine For Severe Depression.
30 - Researchers Identified 5 Subtypes Of Insomnia That Differ By Personality Traits And Risk For Depression.
31 - New Cancer Detection Technology Can Detect Cancer With A Single Drop Of Blood.
32 - First Baby Born From Donated Womb.
33 - Breakthrough Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Helps Patients Live Five Times As Long.
34 - Scientists Prove That Human Continue To Make New Brain Cells Throughout Life.
35 - A Second Patient Has Been Cured Of HIV After A Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant.
36 - A New Way To Multiply Large Numbers Was Discovered By Mathematicians.
37 - A New HIV Therapy Reveals The Hidden Virus And Kills It.
38 - A New Method To Grow Corals 40 Times Faster Was Discovered.
39 - A Super-Strong Spider Silk Made From Genetically Engineered Bacteria Could Be Used To Build Space Suits.
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40 - A 4-Legged Whale Species Was Discovered That Could Provide An Evolutionary Link Between Land And Sea.
41 - Scientists Created An Artificial Cell That Can Photosynthesize To Make Its Own Energy.
42 - A 28,000 Years Old Extinct Woolly Mammoth's Cells Were Revived.
43 - A Planet Was Discovered Which Outlived Its Sun.
44 - The Presence Of Methane Was Officially Discovered On Mars.
45 - Astronomers Discovered A Second Galaxy Without Any Dark Matter.
46 - A Male Birth Control Pill Has Passed Initial Human Safety Tests.
47 - Burn Victims May Be Able To Use Their Own Cells And 3D Printers To Get New Skin.
48 - A New Material That Is Flexible As Elastic But Tough As Steel Was Discovered.
49 - Smartphones May Soon Be Powered By Plastic Used In Grocery Bags.
50 - Brain Waves Can Be Converted Into Speech With Unprecedented Clarity.
51 - Phones Could Soon Be Charged By A Supper Thin Sheet That Harvests Wi-Fi From The Air.
52 - The First Successful Test Flight Of Boeing’s Self-Flying Air Taxi Was Completed.
53 - An Expanding Pill Was Developed That Can Monitor The Stomach For An Entire Month.
54 - Premature Births That Could Save Babies Lives Can Be Predicted By A Simple Blood Test.
55 - A Prototype Of The World’s First Fully 3d Printed Electric Motorbike Was Made.
56 - Recurring Nightmares Could Be Treated Using Virtual Reality Therapy.
57 - There Has Been A "Dramatic" Drop In Cervical Disease In Later Life, Thanks To Routine HPV Vaccinations.
58 - Cancer Cells Can Be Turned Into Fat Using A New Therapy.
59 - Quantum Superposition Of Possible Futures Can Be Created Using A Machine.
60 - Plants Have Been Grown On The Moon For The First Time.
61 - China Becomes First Country To Land On The Dark Side Of Moon.
62 - Quantum Computers Used To "Reverse Time".
63 - Lab-Grown Blood Vessels Became Living Tissue After Being Transplanted Into A Patient.
64 - Kenyan Poaching Rates Dropped By 85% For Rhinos And 78% For Elephants In Last 5 Years.
65 - Researchers Discovered "Featherweight Oxygen" The Lightest Ever Version Of Oxygen.
66 - A New Horizons Probe Flew By Ultima Thule, The Outermost Close Encounter Of Any Solar System Object.
67 - Lexar Announced The First Sd Card With A Storage Capacity Of 1-Terabyte.
68 - Tiny Tumors As Small As 200 Cells In Size Can Be Spotted With A New Optical Imaging System.
69 - Type 1 Diabetes May Be Explained After Scientists Discovered A New Type Of Immune Cell.
70 - Future Spacecrafts Could Navigate The Cosmos Using Nasa's New X-Ray Map Of The Sky.
71 - The Very First Type Of Molecules That Ever Formed In The Universe Was Discovered.
72 - Virtual Limitless Fusion Energy Could Be Achieved With The Help Of Advanced AI.
73 - A New Drug Is Able To Stop Cancer Cells From Repairing Their DNA And Stop It From Spreading.
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74 - A New Potential Therapy For Previously Untreatable Kidney Disease Was Developed.
75 - Symptoms Of Both Addiction And Depression Could Be Treated With One Newly Developed Drug.
76 - A Key Molecule That Activates Sperm And Guides Them To The Egg Was Identified.
77 - Artificial Intelligence Is Being Used To Understand Autism And Other Neurological Conditions.
78 - A Pig’s Brain Function Were Partially Restored, Hours After Death.
79 - A New Secure Cryptocurrency That Is Faster And More Efficient Was Developed At MIT.
80 - Heart Cells Can Be Repaired After Cardiac Arrest Using A New Heart Patch.
81 - Artificial Corneas Similar To Human Ones Were Successfully 3D Printed.
82 - An AI From Google Can Diagnose Lung Cancer Better Than Doctors.
83 - A Method Of Protection Against High-Dose Radiation Damage Was Developed.
84 - Sperm Has Been Shown To Be Able To Be Frozen For 50 Years And Still Retain Its Fertility.
85 - The New Bird Species Were Discovered In Indonesia.
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