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Frequent Urination - Cause & Treatments
Look, Everyone Pees. That Couldn't Be More Normal. But Some People Have A Problem - They Pee Too Much. For Something That All Mammals Do, There Has To Be Some Reason This Problem Can Develop. So, Let's Take A Look At How Science Can Explain This Conundrum.

Most People Urinate About Six To Eight Times A Day. If You Are Running To The Bathroom More Than Eight Times Per Day, Then You Could Be Peeing A Little Too Much. Frequent Urination Could Be A Signal That Something Is Going On With Your Body That Needs Attention. If You Need To Pee Too Often, And You Find It Tends To Happen Suddenly, You May Have A Urinary Tract Infection.

Bacteria Can Infect Your Bladder Or Kidneys, Causing Your Bladder To Become Inflamed And Irritated. This Can Make It Feel Like You Have To Go To The Bathroom 24/7, Even If You Don't Actually Have Much Pee In Your System.

If You Have Diabetes, You Might End Up In The Bathroom More Often Than Non-Diabetic People. Both Type 1 And Type 2 Diabetes Raise Your Blood Sugar. Your Kidneys Attempt To Filter It Out, However They Can Not Always Keep Up. So, The Sugar Ends Up In Your Urine. This Draws More Water From Your Body And Makes You Pee More Often. One Of The Reasons You May Be Going To The Bathroom A Lot Could Be Because You Drink Too Much Coffee Or Alcohol. Both Caffeinated And Alcoholic Drinks Act As Diuretics. They Increase The Amount Of Salt And Water That Comes Out Of Your Kidneys, Making You Pee More In The Process.

The Simplest Explanation Of Your Frequent Bathroom Trips Could Simply Be Too Much Water Intake Or Maybe You Just Have A Small Bladder. An Average Human Bladder Can Hold Up To 1.5 To 2 Cups Of Fluid At A Time, And Small Bladders Naturally Hold Less Than That, To The Point Where You May Feel The Need To Rush To The Bathroom More Often Than Others.

The Good News Is That Most People Can Overcome The Problem Of Frequent Urination With A Few Simple Lifestyle Tweaks -

First Things First - What You Eat Plays A Big Role In How Much You Pee. Certain Foods Irritate Your Bladder, Worsening The Need To Urinate. Avoiding Things Like Caffeine, Artificial Sweeteners, Alcohol And Spicy Foods Could Help You Deal With Frequent Urination. These Triggers Are Highly Acidic In Nature, Which Can Cause Irritation To The Bladder.

Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Support Your Urethra And Bladder, Thus Keeping Them Sturdy (Strong) Is Crucial To Preventing Leaks. Exercises Which Involve Contracting And Releasing The Pelvic Floor Muscles Can Help You Gain Control Of Your Urinary Habits. These Exercises Don't Have To Be Anything Too Intense. Simply Holding It For A Bit Rather Than Going The Second You Feel The Necessity To Pee Will Gradually Strengthen Both The Mental Communication Circuit Responsible For Keeping Your Bladder From Emptying And The Actual Muscles That Let You Do So.

However, Holding Pee For Too Long Can Be Harmful, So You Need To Create A Balance Between When It's Time To Attend The Bathroom And When It's Time To Hold It In.

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