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Here Are The Top 7 Tips To Remember And Improve Your Memory

1 - Quiz, Don’t Reread

Quiz The Sentence Or Information
Recalling Information Builds Pathway That Strengthen Recall In The Future. Passive Exposure Rarely Makes Things Stick.

2 - Visualize It

Visualize The Information
Associating Information To Sensations Are Memorable And Vision Is The Strongest Sensory Cue For Most People.

3 - Structure It

Structure It
Break Up The Information Into Parts Or Sub-Parts. Put Related Things Together In A Meaningful Order.

4 - Give It Meaning

Give It Meaning
Your Brain Is Set Up To Capture Information That Means Something To You. Before You Try To Remember Something, Be Sure You Understand It.

5 - Relate It To Yourself

Relate It
Personal Relevancy Makes Things Stick And Takes Advantage Of What You Already Recognize.

6 - Create A Cue

Create A Cue
Figure Out What's Most Unmemorable Concerning The Information And Link That To Something That’s More Vivid Or Easier To Recall.

7 - Teach What You Studied

Teach What You Studied

One Of The Most Effective Ways In Which To Determine Whether You Perceive Something Is To Teach It Or Explain It To Someone Else. This May Help Highlight Gaps In Your Understanding Too.

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